Finding Our House

Endless searching for a place to call home. Not just any home, but our starter home. It’s funny how the houses in our price range don’t seem to match my pinterest boards.

We visit them.

Tiny. Old. Smelly. Zero curbside appeal. Botched laminate faux wood floors. Where did all the bathrooms go? Why are the bedrooms so tiny? Is that a stove/microwave combined into one fridge sized 1970’s unit?

Finally we land upon a beautiful, newer starter home with the ‘open’ feel. Carpet is weird but neutral. Trim is brown, but can be painted. Random hooks hanging from the ceiling in every room extending chains attached to planters – yes odd, yet removable. 4 bedrooms, (that’s 3 extra!!), 3 bathrooms (You mean I don’t have to share?) and a huge fenced in yard! Overgrown? Yes, but manageable. This house has potential to be our perfect starter home. Just minor DIY projects to do.

IMG_0779 IMG_1176 IMG_1202

We closed on our house 3 months before our wedding. Yes we are crazy. Everything for the wedding was due around that time and I was going to and from work with a binder full of wedding and house contracts. It was wedding/house 24/7. Emails just wouldn’t stop. I may have even had one week while at work I didn’t, well, couldn’t do an ounce of work.

For over a year we did small home renovation projects around the house. We started by making a towel rack. Simple and cute. We bought the hooks from Home Depot and painted a 1×6 wood board stark white. A simple project. It brought so much pride.

Now we nearly have the entire house completed and I am learning that we are lacking on the storage space and cabinet space. I want a new home.

   IMG_1230 IMG_1239 IMG_1195

Sometimes, it is hard to see the beauty in what you have when you constantly dream bigger. I know one day we will have the pinterest house of our dreams. Giant garage with a loft for the gear-head husband, massive kitchen with a center island, and so much closet space that I can have every piece of fashion jewelry organized in nice velvet lined drawers, an overhanging room between the house and garage where the play room for the kids will be. Filled with toys for them to use their imagination. Windows on both walls and a door to Daddy’s garage loft overlooking the car port… yes I have thought about this a time or two.

For now, I am happy.


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