Curb Appeal



We began our home renovations by increasing the curb appeal of our house. I love the look of the white picket fence leading to our front door, but everything behind it looked old and overgrown.

We removed the ugly storm door from the front door, painted the door bright red with a bright white frame, and purchased a new fancy door handle. We also replaced the doorbell with a new fancy button. For some decoration, we added our monogrammed door mat with rubber frame and some planters.

Door Handle– The Home Depot – $134

Paint – The Home Depot – $30

Door Mat – Bed Bath & Beyond $40 (bridal shower gift)


The ‘Cave Canem’ sign we purchased in Italy on our honeymoon, it’s an ancient Latin ‘Beware of Dog’ sign. I think they are adorable next to the front door. It adds whimsy charm without overdoing it (which is why we only added one) plus it carries the blue from the hydrangea flowers when they are in full bloom. After a bad storm, the ‘Attenti al Cane’ (same thing in Italian) ceramic sign broke – nothing a little gorilla glue can’t fix!

IMG_4416 IMG_4423

We also redid the planters by the front door a few months later. In the ‘Before’ picture above, you can see through the fence that the brush is taking over the walkway to the front door. The planters were rounded wood logs laid down against the concrete – not pretty. There were tree branches growing out of an old tree stump.

The stump was difficult to remove so we left it but manicured the branches it so it looks like a nice bush and you can’t even see the stump anymore. We purchased brick edging stones from THD for $1.39 each and even topped them off with the matching flat stones. Planted a blue hydrangea (my favorite!), topped it with mulch, and strategically placed solar lights. Perfect! This project took about 4 hours and cost less than $150. I bet you could do the same with a different type of brick or just one layer of brick, but we wanted the edge of the bricks to be flush with the porch (since there is a step up).



One year after we did this project,  the mulch really did do it’s job as we don’t have any weeds growing and the hydrangea grew 3x the size it originally was. The tree/bush is now very tall and provides a little more shade to that space – perfect for the hydrangea to flourish.

IMG_4419 IMG_4417 IMG_4415 IMG_4413 IMG_4414 IMG_4418

We also did the same thing to the planter in front of the windows. Now the whole entry way looks fresh and new. This project cost less since we had some leftover bricks. – it took us about 2hrs and was less than $100.


Curb Appeal Project Done



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