About Me

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My husband and I moved from the city to the suburbs right before we were married just 2 years ago. Ever since we became homeowners, I feel like we are playing house.  I do work full time, but my work is 10 minutes from my home so I am able to accomplish both being a housewife and having a career. I am also a proud mother of two adorable dogs who I treat as if they are my children. I work in the fashion industry and my husband has one of those big fancy downtown Chicago careers.

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be buying a lawnmower and  the fancy edger too – I would have laughed. Well the time has come and I actually enjoy going to Home Depot… What happened?!

I love the city, but I’ve fallen in love with the ‘burbs too.

Welcome to homeownership, trading rent for mortgage payments, marriage, DIY home renovations, gardening, cooking, fitness, cleaning, filling an empty house, etc.

Welcome to Life as a Suburban Housewife.



  1. I love this part, “And the mother of two adorable dogs.” Before my dogs came into my life, fun to me meant going out to the club every week and when I was in the Navy that meant every week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As a civilian, at least once a week. But when my dogs came into my life all that changed. Nowadays I can’t remember the last time I went to a club, and you know what? I am happy.


  2. Hi Marcela, Thank you for your reply! That is very kind of you. We constantly stay home on Friday/Saturdays and have date nights at home so we can be with our dogs. I love it too. PS. Thank you for your service in the Navy!


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